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Specifics of playing Eurojackpot

Now, if you’re going to be playing the Eurojackpot you need to know how you’re going to do it. It’s really quite simple. On your ticket, you need to pick five numbers between 1 and 50, plus 2 numbers between 1 and 10. The jackpots start at a minimum of 10 million €. There is one aspect in which this lottery is different from most others. Once the jackpot reaches 90 million €, it is capped.

That means that all money that would normally be added to the jackpot will be added to the second tier prize level. To win that prize, you need only 5 plus 1 number to be on your ticket. Your chances to win that prize are obviously better by the factor of 10, compared to your chances of winning the jackpot with 5 plus 2 numbers!

That means, if the jackpot gets to the maximum amount, you actually have a second shot at winning a large jackpot. The second tier is easier to win and the numbers are going to start going up on that one. That’s definitely going to increase your odds of that huge prize, right?

And that means, even though the jackpot is going to be a little smaller even when it caps out, you’re still going to want to pick up one of these tickets because you’re going to have a great chance of really getting somewhere with it in the long run when you buy Eurojackpot online.

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Why play Eurojackpot?

After all, we know that people around the world really want a chance to play and win these big jackpots rather than being stuck with only the jackpots for their own national lottery games.

All it takes for you is to make a choice from our list of lotteries. We have some of the most popular from everywhere in the world available. That way you can take a look, see what each one has to offer, and decide which ones you’re most interested in.

Then pick your numbers manually or let our random numbers generator do it for you (“Quick Pick” function). You can even combine the two, selecting a few numbers and then randomly adding in whatever other numbers you need to fill out your tickets. That way you can get some of the numbers you know you want and you can still fill a card if you don’t know all the numbers you want.

Add more tickets if you want, mix different lotteries. That’s going to help you increase your odds because you’re playing a number of different games all at the same time. You could even do what is very popular among our clients, and that is to play the same number sets across multiple lotteries.

For some, this feels like a great way to increase their odds because those numbers just have to pull at some point, right? There has to be a way to get those numbers to win?

Once you have all the tickets you want, you can use any of our multiple, secure payment options to buy your tickets. There are plenty of different ways you can choose from, so you can find something that you feel comfortable putting money in and taking money out through. We use just about all of the most popular platforms.

Don’t forget to determine how many draws you want to participate in. This is important especially because the current jackpot may not be won in the next draw. You would not want to miss your chance to win even bigger in the following draw, right?

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